Film company
«Ark Pictures»

Ark Pictures film company was established in 2014 to preserve history, promote ideas of humanism, tolerance and equality by creating feature films, documentaries, TV-shows and original music scores, as well as by distributing cinematographic works for the said purposes.
The most significant project of the company is the Trilogy «Witnesses». The historical drama directed by Konstantin Fam is the first feature film in former Soviet Union dedicated to the memory of World War II and the Holocaust. It consists of three novels that are united by one artistic purpose.
General producer
Konstantin Fam
Egor Odintsov
Writer, director and producer. Creator of the international film project «Witnesses», dedicated to the memory of Holocaust victims. Winner of numerous Russian and international film awards.
Producer of the international film project «Witnesses». Creator and host of the «Israel Cinema club». General producer of the Moscow Jewish Film Festival.